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Today, as to the specific situation your friend describes, let's assume that the very first participant got a whole house, the second player got a 3-of-a-kind, the 3rd player got a straight, the fourth participant got a pair, and the fifth player got a pair. If the fifth player did not receive a pair, and then the 4 players who got cards which match the importance of a complete house (two pairs) might have been certain to win the hand.

But, if the 5th player did get a pair, then the four players with three cards wouldn't have had a good hand (in truth, there would be absolutely nothing to them). The 5th player, nevertheless, would have had a really strong hand (he'd be one-fourth associated with a complete house). But since there's just one 5 card hand in every 4-card round, the five players will have an equal chance of having that hand. Quite simply, he will be guaranteed to go not less than one of those four pairs.

The five card rule works by making use of the guidelines to every individual round of five cards. If any one player has a perfect five card hand, then nobody else should win, and the professional can keep the hand. If virtually no player has such a hand, and then the next round is going to be dealt. If there's no such round, then the dealer deals the next five cards. When you dealt out the five cards,

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