What has Dan Helmer done to support public education in Virginia?



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He supports abortion rights, gay marriage, open borders and same sex adoption, gun control and some type of single payer health care, a position the majority of Republicans consider anathema. What kind of Republican would he be? Helmer says he has an open mind about spending and taxes and is also not wedded to any particular party, however, more than a conservative blog has named him a conservative lite RINO. violence and Women (funded by the NC Department of Justice and Community Services, 1995-2001).

Safety Assessment (funded by the US Department of Justice, 2000-2002). The purpose of NCACDV is working for a peaceful and safe state by: Working to raise and coordinate community responses to domestic violence, concentrating on the unique needs of battered children and women. Legislation to protect domestic violence victims in the District of Columbia. Growing understanding of domestic violence and empowering battered women and children to transform their situations.

In addition, NCACDV has been engaged in many studies as well as other research projects funded by state, local, and federal governments. Studies that were funded through our research grants include: Family Violence Intervention Project (funded by United Way of Greater Durham, 1996). Helping victims in other states in america through advocacy, visit this link training and technical assistance. Supporting education and reduction initiatives geared towards children and women, particularly those that are at increased risk.

Giving a vocal for the victims of domestic violence. Supplying services and also other assistance to families and victims of domestic violence in North Carolina. Contributing to national and statewide prevention efforts by supporting legislation, funding or exercise programs. Contributing to global and international research on domestic violence and gender based violence. What does NCACDV do with the cash it gets? We are a 501c3 non profit that meets our obligations to donors, the public, volunteers and supporters.

Providing research about domestic violence and reduction to law enforcement, health care providers, and victims' advocates, and disseminating the information to all sections of the local community. NCACDV is dedicated to maintaining the best possible economic status to permit us to continue doing the work we have always done. Advocating legislation to protect victims and prosecute offenders. I consider in a free media since it's the guardian of the democracy of ours.

It is vital that the media ought to be addressed with the utmost respect and needs to be protected from state control or even interference. We have to be sure that the negotiations between the UK and the EU in the coming years, add the idea of shared sovereignty. I would oppose some erosion of the right to free speech.

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